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Ho Mun Onn Nigel - Resume


  • Multi-lingual
    • Able to write in English, Chinese and Thai proficiently and able to speak English, Mandarin and Cantonese at a high level of proficiency
  • Responsible and possess leadership skills
    • Led the Red Cross Club in Victoria School and held the position of Vice-Chairman
      • Held position of Senior Warrant Officer (the highest achievable rank in secondary school) in Red Cross Society
  • Sociable and possess team player skills
    • Worked at National Medical Research Council and received positive appraisal from colleagues and superiors
    • Completed my Final Year Project in biomedical research and established excellent relationships with my supervisor, co-supervisor, laboratory technicians and fellow course mates


  • To obtain a managerial position in a corporate company
  • To obtain skills required in effective marketing and research opportunities from interactions with experienced personnel in related fields

Employment History


InFocus International

1 Fullerton Road, One Fullerton

Administration Assistant

  • Assisted a full-time accountant in accounting and secretarial duties
  • Data-entry, filing of invoices and documents as well sorting and scanning documents


ITE East College

10 Simei Ave, Singapore 486047

Customer Services Assistant

  • Provision of answers to inquiries of students and other general inquiries
  • Filing of documents and carrying out miscellaneous duties
  • Performed administration and secretarial duties


National Medical Research Council

11 Biopolis Way, Singapore 138667

Research Assistant

  • Involved in a project to code research grants according to various categories
  • Responsible for training an intern with a fellow colleague in research categories coding in the project
  • Involved in administration matters related to grant applications in the 2008 Grant Call
  • Performed administration and secretarial duties

Education (Local and Overseas)


National University of Singapore

Singapore, Singapore

Bachelors of Science with Honors (Concentration in Biomedical Sciences)

  • Completed a relevant project in extensive research during the final year of studies
  • Developed relevant literature reading and proof-reading skills as well as critical thinking skills


Simon Fraser University

Vancouver, British Columbia

Bachelor of Science (Biological Sciences), Biology

  • Participated in various events held by students' clubs as well as by the international students' society
  • Interacted with various distinguished professors who are experts in their fields of research


Anderson Junior College

Singapore, Singapore

GCE 'A' Level

  • Obtained relatively good grades in various subjects
  • Participated in and organized various activities and events

Activities, Projects and Achievements

  • Completed a research intensive project in final year of studies
    • 1 year research on transfection using lipocomplexes
  • Took relevant modules including pharmacology and pharmacogenetics
    • Familiar with drug names and uses and side effects
  • Went for an overseas students' exchange programme
    • Actively participated in events held by the International Students' Society in Simon Fraser University
    • Completed a First Nations Course with an excellent grade
    • Completed a Health Sciences Course which covers topics related to various infectious diseases and epidemiology
  • Actively involved in Campus Crusade for Christ in NUS and in SFU
    • Headed various events in the club and participated in various events held by the club
    • Led a discipleship group consisting of three people
  • Actively involved in Science Faculty Club for Rag and Flag
    • Involved in main committee and helped to organize various events
  • Active member in NUS Fencing Club
    • Attended trainings for one semester
  • Attended Alpha Bravo Camp which was a leadership development course in junior college
  • Organized various community service projects in junior college
  • Attended and completed Senior Warrant Officer Course offered by the Red Cross Society
    • Highest rank achievable in secondary school


  • Dr Deng Yuru
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  • Dr Annie Ross
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